2Baba’s wife, family fight dirty over infidelity claims

2baba’s wife, family fight dirty over infidelity claims

All isn’t well in the Idibia household as the cracks in Innocent 2baba Idibia and Annie Idibia’s marriage became the subject of public discourse on Friday.

Annie had on Thursday taken to her Instagram page to allege that her husband was cheating on her with one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi, with whom he has three children.

The allegations were not allowed to go unanswered as friends, family and associates reacted.

From 2baba’s brother to Annie Idibia’s colleagues and associates, everyone seem to have an opinion on their eight-year-old union.

A number of friends who shared their opinions on the allegation chided the singer’s wife for washing their dirty linen in public.

Her elder brother, Uduak Macaulay, had criticised his sister saying he has cut ties with her.

“This is for mutual friends and family, I just want to announce the entity and actress known as Annie Idibia has ceased to be friend, family, sister,” he wrote.

“Don’t hit me up, don’t DM me about her I have nothing connected with Annie or that brand whatsoever.”

Charles Idibia, the youngest of the Idibias in the public eye took a swipe at his sister-in-law saying he would continue to speak out against her if it will help 2baba’s life.

“Your juju and drugs are finally catching up with you. These things never end well. Even your family has disowned you, that’s how terrible you are. All the public sympathy and lies won’t save you. Your mum who didn’t last one year in your dad’s house can live in your matrimonial home since you got married to be doing juju, but juju never ends well. The truth never expires,” Charles wrote, in a now deleted Instagram post.

“Continue with your lies and gather your sympathy party online. The truth won’t hide forever. Respect? That went out of the window a long time ago. God knows I have been nothing but respectful. “Don’t talk, keep your family affair off social media. Is it until he is dead? This is not me at all but I’m ready to be this person if it’s going to help Inno’s life. The peaceful nature way has clearly failed over the years. Let us try this one. I am going to keep mute for now out of respect for some people, but the truth will surely come out this time around.”

Charles further alleged that he only visits TuFace and Annie just to spend some time with his nieces because Annie’s mum allegedly makes the house unbearable after every visit.

Another family member who has weighed in on the crack in the singer’s household is Rosemary Idibia, his sister-in-law.

Rose, in an Instagram post, said Tuface saved Annie’s reputation by not telling his side of the story.

“They tried to damage your reputation, you saved theirs by not telling your side of the story,” she wrote.

In another twist, a close friend of the Idibias, Petra Onyegbule decided to take a stand on the crack in the Idibia’s home.

Onyebgbule, a former Chief Press Secretary to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, opined that 2baba was not cheating on Annie but living a polygamous lifestyle.

“What 2Baba is doing isn’t cheating; he’s just living a polygamous life. He needs to man up and make it official or divorce Annie if he wants only one legal wife because she won’t leave,” she said.

Onyegbule, in a social media post, also stated that Tuface is a weak man, adding that he’s still in love with his baby mama Pero.

“Tuface is a weak man, he obviously loves Pero. But he’s disrespecting Annie to make her see the writing on the wall. However, Annie has chosen to be the typical Naija woman who is constantly thinking of how she stuck with him through thick and thin and now she’s claiming rights,” she said.

However, it seems all is getting back to normal as Annie, who had erased Idibia from her names on her social media accounts, reverted back after several hours yesterday.

Tuface’s longtime manager, Efe Omorogbe and his tour manager, Frankie, have refused to react to his wife’s infidelity allegation.

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