50 Cent Says Eminem Turned Down A $100 Million Tour With Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg


At one point in his career, Eminem almost departed on a world tour that would have made a lot of money.

50 Cent, who recently spoke with Bootleg Kev and revealed Eminem is working on new music, broke more news when speaking with BigBoyTV.

According to 50, was supposed to go on tour with Dr. Dre & at the peak of his career, and it would have been worth “collectively, over $100 million (£80.2 million)”.

Unfortunately, Eminem turned it down because he was concerned about not seeing his daughter Hailie for such a long period of time.

You do not believe how much money we would’ve made.

And Em was like there was so many dates at the time the way they laid it out, that he was like, ‘I just don’t want to go on tour and come back and Hailie’s grown.’


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