Basketmouth Thinks Speed Darlington Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Be The Next Nigerian President

Just like thousands of Nigerians, Basketmouth thinks Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington should not be taken seriously as regards his aspiration to become the next president.
Since Speedy announced his plan to run for president in 2023, there have many speculations to whether the singer is actually serious or not but ut with the look of things, Speedy might just be very serious about his claims. However, Nigerians believe that he doesn’t have what it takes to become the next president and award-winning comedian, Basketmouth has shared his own views on the topic.

According to him, the singer doesn’t have what it takes to become the president and wonders how he would the nation id he is actually elected. Basketmouth feels that Speedy is someone that cannot take pressure or adapt to unfavorable situations and gave instances to buttress his explanation. He recounted how the singer complained via social media that he hasn’t eaten by 7 am and how he also was vexed that he couldn’t get any woman to sleep with him during his recent visit to Nigeria.

See the video below:

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