Boy who allegedly raped and initiated 2 girls into a cult has been arrested in Anambra State.

A Young boy has been arrested after 2 teenage girls reported the boy for raping and initiating them into a secret cult against their will after luring them into a bush and not only that,they said the boy also asked them to pay a certain fee.

According to the girls,it’s not only the boy,other boys were among those who beat them mercilessly and each took turns raping them,  but it was only the boy that was caught and arrested in Nanka village,Anambra State.

According to the girls,they were invited for a date by the boy at a bar but to their surprise,he took them to a bush where his friends all appeared from nowhere and started the act by first of all blindfolding them which  made them unable to escape and run away.

According to the young girls, the boys took turns upon them and displayed their guns to make them afraid and afterwards started congratulating them that they are now members of their secret cult and if they fail to pay their initiation fees,they will kill their mothers.

The girls went further to say, as they were being questioned by the Village elders that in order for them to survive,they had to agree to pay the fees and save their mothers life.

However,the case took a turn as the boy who was arrested said that it was the girls that begged him to initiate them into the cult as they want to become big girls and he did tell them of all the processes which included the rape by every member of the cult ,the beatings and the initiation fee but the girls agreed and said they want it.

The girls denied the boys claims and said they never wanted to join any secret cult talk more of being raped and beaten

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