Don Jazzy’s cousin Uche returns to Nigeria with new song

By Sam Anokam

One of Don Jazzy’s cousins, Gabriel Akujobi aka Uche, has returned to Nigeria from his Ireland base to promote a new song, ‘Mago Mago’.

Uche, the face of ‘Yankari,’ an afrobeat band based in Dublin, Ireland returned home to promote the song after making waves around the world with his band.

As Uche and his Yankari band – made up of two brothers Segun and Michael Akano – prepare for the release of their debut album, the singer said the band’s new song was inspired by some Nigerian experiences.

He said: “Mago Mago is a Nigerian phrase used to imply a person or action “of deceptive or untrustworthy intent, a trickster of sorts. Unfortunately, as we all know, this term applies to many people in positions of power all over the world. As such the song is a statement on the struggles faced by all of us as we move through an age of fake news and questionable leadership at this point where both the people and planet have had enough”

Born in Nigeria and moved to Dublin, Ireland in his teens, Akujobi found comfort expressing himself in music especially in the style of his idol Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

The Yankari band has toured the world and they are looking at performing at the ‘Felabration’.


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