Dreyy Flexx Set to Drop Debut EP ‘Bigger Moves’ Under Crisogie Entertainment

Dreyy Flexx , the upcoming afro-fusion artist has set to release his new and improved sounds on the 5th of April, 2022, under the influence & support of his new record label, Crisogie Entertainment, he has given all benefits of the doubt that it’s a big step in his music career.

Dreyy Flexx’s new project “Bigger Moves” has certainly made us focus on his new style of music just because it has all interests of the Afro beats / Afro-pop community today.

Ayodeji’s new E.P consists of 5 songs which are a whole mix of Afro-beats, Afro-pop, Amapiano, and R&B. Dreyy Flexx stated that he wants to make a change with his new sound.

Dreyy Flexx gives tribute to his new record label Crisogie Entertainment for making this project and this opportunity possible for him with certain claims that he has done better and still going bigger as he drops his first E.P under the label.

Bigger Moves the E.P is a breakthrough for the times of not being able to promote his music. Watch out for Dreyy Flexx and his new E.P that will be live on all digital media platforms.




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