Entitled Nigerian Women Call Men “Rebellious” For Obeying Reno Omokri (Video)

In reaction to the video of the women excoriating him, Omokri wrote this:

Dear women,

Dating is not employment. You should not be maintained by a man you date. If you are broke, get a job, not a boyfriend. If you say ‘love is caring’, why must it be your boyfriend that must care financially for you? If you really believe that, why can’t you financially care fit him too? Do you hate him? Stop these Jezebelic manipulations. You can imagine these women went on TV to lambast me for teaching men to be “rebellious” (their actual words). These are the type of women that influenced Adam to disobey God simply because they want to eat apples they did not plant

#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

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