Game House Turns To Sex Party Hall By Teenagers In Nairobi

The man who identified himself as Boniface says the young ones converge in the Nairobi building in the name of engaging in computer games only to end up in drug-taking parties which are spiced with kissing and pairing sessions.

“Today I visited Azuri hotel on the first floor at Imenti House at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Moi Avenue. What I saw can only be witnessed in Hell if there is one. Hundreds of teenagers (12-24-year-old) – boys and girls from various colleges and schools, converge here daily. There is a room in the basement of the Imenti House. There is a commercial play station underground,” he narrates.

According to this concerned parent, when the teenagers meet, they always scramble for the only space outside the building and hug and kiss each other in broad daylight.

The young ones who also dress very skimpily and wear heavy perfumes come with backpacks strapped on their backs.

“When they enter the building, they get to the basement where we have a commercial play-station with various stands operated by a Kiragu. They flood there all of them in turns. They open their small backpacks and remove sheesha and start smoking. Others use illicit brews they usually carry and notwithstanding other stuff which I don’t know what they are. I suspected it’s foreign stuff that is usually smuggled into the country,” he adds.

The place is usually swarming with the teenagers especially on weekends despite shop owners raising complaints with relevant authorities to no avail.

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