Gist: Top movie producer and LLC founder KEANU CHARLES REEVES Arrested.

Arch Motorcycle Company, LLC founder, Film director, singer, producer, writer, voice actor, businessperson, film actor. KEANU CHARLES REEVES have been arrested in Switzerland Zurich for carrying $200,000 dollars in cash. Which is said to be Money laundry. On the 17th of June 2022.



Rumor has it he has been in Switzerland with his Fiancé BISSEGGER MAYA. For over a year. 

And he is getting married to beautiful BISSEGGER MAYA. A very shocking new. Details undisclosed. 

Keanu reeves Often referred to as “Hollywood’s ultimate introvert”, Keanu Reeves is adored by millions due to his charming and humble persona, shunning the glitzy world of showbiz in favour of a private and casual life, and is regularly spotted on public transport by his fans.

His popular public reputation has been enhanced over the years due to his dedication to philanthropy.

So he has been fined a 4000 Chf

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