Have pity, we had our twin after 12 years of waiting, Father sobs, begs kidnappers

Sobbing and pleading, former Chairman of the Oyo State Pilgrims Welfare Board (Muslim wing), Taofeek Akewugbagold gave an account of how his two years old twin were abducted at gunpoint on Saturday night.

With teary voice, he besought the abductors to have pity on him and his wife who was barren for 12 years and only gave birth to the twin through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

For more than 24 hours, Akewugbagold’s eyes have seen no sleep while he has fixed his gaze on his phone with the hope that the abductors will call to make known their request.

Speaking with Nigerian Tribune, Akewugbagold said the kidnap happened at about 7.30 pm at his house in Abatakan area in Ojoo, Ibadan, when he was out to record Islamic lecture to be relayed on radio and television.

Before he could rush home, having received a call from his wife that armed robbers were in the house, the abductors had overpowered the gatekeeper, got into the house and kidnapped the kids.

Narrating how the incident occurred, Akewugbagold said, “Some kidnappers came to my house with gun yesterday. We had a recording yesterday and whenever we have recorded, Alfas do break their fast in my house.

“If we have a lecture, we sometimes go to Fresh FM to do it there live. Whenever we are returning, most of the security agents know that its either we are coming from a radio or television station where we went to deliver a lecture.

“Immediately, I left home, my wife just called me, saying that she was calling from a corner, and that armed robbers were already in the house.

“Immediately I got the call, I turned back but before I got home, they were gone. All I heard was that they overpowered the gateman, pointed a gun at him and he surrendered. Even they pointed the gun at children of two years (sobs).

“This happened at around 7.30 pm. The Commissioner of Police came to my house this morning. I am appealing to the abductors to please pity my condition.

“I have not slept since yesterday expecting that the abductors will call. My wife was barren for 12 years; that is the only children she had through IVF. They should please call me. All I need is the safety of my children.”

Police Public Relations Officer, Gbenga Fadeyi, in a conversation with Nigerian Tribune, said four persons had been arrested in connection with the incident.

He assured of intensified efforts to secure the release of the twins while he sought the cooperation of all stakeholders in the ongoing investigation.

“Efforts are being intensified. Four arrests have been made and they are currently assisting the police in investigations,” Fadeyi said.

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