How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Long And Charge Faster

This are some tips that helps you to Keep your battery🔋safe.

1.”If your phone battery is really low and you need it for later don’t turn it off. Instead, put it on airplane mode.

2 “Drop a batttery from 6 inches off the ground, if they give one small bounce and fall over they’re good. If they bounce around anymore they’re dead or almost dead.

3.Using your phone while it’s charging can damage the battery. This is why the cords for chargers are so short.

4.I found a life tip: “Storing batteries in the freezer can up to double their life span.

5.Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games.

6.If your phone freezes, plug it into a charger. This will free it up again.

7.Making use of your phone during charging is high risk of your battery life.

8.plugging your phone in charge always, this also helps you to destroy your battery life.

9.Avoid using your phone when it’s plug 🔌 to charge.

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