I am A Lesbian And I Have Children, Lesbians Are Mothers – Nigerian Professor Confuses Social Media Users

A Nigerian professor and researcher working at a university in the United States has verbally attacked a troll who waded into her conversation on Twitter.

Prof Uju Anya, who walked out of her 15-year-old relationship with her husband – but before then putting to birth two children – after discovering that she was a lesbian, wrote a random post about her daughter on the social media platform.

A confused troll commented on the post writing: “Honestly I am very confused. I don’t know how to relate with these Information. How about you being a…. lesbian and with two children?”

Prof Anya then explained to the troll that, “I am a lesbian, and I have children. Lesbians are mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, aunts, and every other type of female relative in your family”.

The academician added: “People don’t become gay watching LGBTQ live openly. They become disabused of stupid ideas about our abnormality. You’re welcome.”

The troll then suggested that the researcher was under the influence saying, “She said she is a Lesbian. I don’t understand how people create confusion when under some influence. Imagine someone has decided to become gay because of her write up and gbooom, she is displaying picture/video of her little daughter”.

The troll fired more shots: “You can’t disregard marriage, men and still claim to be happy giving birth. Lesbians should not have kids and must not talk about children. You can’t stand with Satan and share in the glory of being straight.”

Responding, the proud lesbian wrote: “You see the anger, resentment and envy you feel for me? It’s love. And you’re right to be so passionately, stupidly, mind-bogglingly obsessed with me. I’m amazing. I’m wonderful. And you should be outraged you and your short d!ck will never touch me. Know this and choke on it.”

The mother-of-two, who has a 14-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter, thereafter shared cute snaps of when she didn’t yet come out as gay.

“Before we start down that road, na me wey born my pikin. And I’m still a lesbian. Still a mother raising two healthy, happy, brilliant, loved, and very well adjusted children,” she wrote.

In June 2019, in an interview with LGBT Africa, Prof Uju was asked how she would describe her heterosexual marriage especially as many in society think having a beautiful marriage as she did and a great spouse should have been enough to keep her in the marriage.

She said: “I had a fantastic marriage. I married a man I was deeply, passionately in love with. I mean, I loved this guy like cooked food. It was not a fake marriage where I found some patsy, trapped him until he gave me babies then dumped him for greener pastures. My husband was my best friend. I loved and wanted him, we had great sex and sexual chemistry, consistent and reliable orgasms, the full package.

She went on: “We had a whole life project together, made beautiful, healthy, smart children, built careers with each other’s support and encouragement, shared money, and most importantly, we shared the same progressive values.

“However, as much as I loved my husband and so desperately wanted to preserve our 15-year relationship, he was not a woman. And I needed a woman.

“I’m not gay because I hate men. I adored one for nearly half my life. I’m gay, because I love women, and when I finally made peace with this fact, there was absolutely nothing my husband or anybody else could do to keep me in that marriage.”

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