Internet wahala As young woman shuns christianity For Islam

Internet wahala As young woman shuns christianity For Islam

A young Christian woman has announced her conversion from Christianity to Islam, but some people appear not to take her seriously

In her tweets, the new convert did not give details as to why she abandoned her previous faith, only revealing that she took the decision today, Thursday, August 20, 2020.

“I accepted Islam today. Alhamdulillah,” she wrote, adding in another tweet, “I’m now a Muslim”.

Fellow Muslims have welcomed her with some offering some guidance, while others think she’s seeking attention or employing the tactic to gain followers.

See reactions below:

@Abberhtiee: “Welcome to the most beautiful religion on earth.”

@mariam_: “How do people still fall for this. Show a proof that ur claim is right….she s doing this for followers and likes. Open your eyes people.”

@otitofojuhan: “May Allah give you the enamblement to weather it through. My advice, find time to study the religion and not the Muslims because some behaviour might work in contrary to Islamic tenets and you might be mistaking individual behaviour to Islam in its originality.”

@abduls_abu: “Alhamdulillaah! May Allah make your feet firm in the Deen (Islam). I live in Saudi Arabia, you’re free to contact me for further knowledge of the religion. BaarakaLlah feek (may Allaah bless you). May you grow righteously in the Deen and die as a sincere slave of Allaah.”

@Pheonix__: “I wonder how so many folks are believing this little girl.. well she is getting all the attention she craves.”

@realOBOZUWA: “So long you are doing the right thing, no problem but don’t forget to practice the MERCY you bear.”

@OmoP123: “I hope you will correct people when ever they speak bad about your religion and not killing them cause of that.”

@38baby_2_sirr: “Whether this fake or not, may Allah guide u and keep u away from extremism and negligence.”

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