Interview Session With Gospel Singer “Frank Godwin” And His Upcoming Single (Click To Read)

Frank Godwin after making a hit single last year, the Dubai base gospel musician is dropping another hot tune soon. One of our crew got on interview session with him and below is what you have to know about FRANK GODWIN. Scroll down to read




INTERVIEWER: who is Frank Godwin?

FRANK GODWIN: Frank Godwin is a music minister by the grace of God, a music Director and called worshipper whom by the grace of God has touched lives through his ministrations.
He hails from Orlu in imo state and was born and raised in Aba in Abia State.

INTERVIEWER: Do you do any other business apart from music

FRANK GODWIN: Frank Godwin is a fashion designer

INTERVIEWER: Where do you base currently

FRANK GODWIN: Currently Based in United Arab Emirates

INTERVIEWER: When did you start doing music?

FRANK GODWIN: I started my music career at a very tender age. When I was in primary two, I have already started doing music. Family and friends have known me as a musician.

INTERVIEWER: Have You any available Record?

FRANK GODWIN: I dropped my first single on March last year 2020

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell us about the first single you dropped?

FRANK GODWIN: The first single I did is a spirit filled song with the title “Nani gi” which means ONLY YOU, it reminds us of the faithfulness of God and that him alone can do that which no man can do

INTERVIEWER: What’s the inspiration about your music?

FRANK GODWIN: The inspiration about my music is God

INTERVIEWER: Are You Coming To Nigeria anytime? Soon

FRANK GODWIN: Not that soon but i will be around by the grace of God

INTERVIEWER: What will your fans expect from you

FRANK GODWIN: I have plans for live concert where people will come and understand the real definition of worship.

INTERVIEWER: Can we talk about Nigeria Gospel music Industry?


INTERVIEWER: Who are you looking up the in Nigeria music industry

FRANK GODWIN: Growing up as a kid i have this special love for Frank Edward and Sinach bcs my heart melts each time I listen to their songs

INTERVIEWER: What’s the problems facing Nigeria gospel music industry

FRANK GODWIN: Lack of resources and lack of commitment

INTERVIEWER: What’s the solution

FRANK GODWIN: People should know that a gospel artist needs fund to finance his music career and shouldn’t be seen as someone that is meant to perform free of charge bcs his gift was given to him freely by God, A gospel artist needs to be focused, pray for inspirations in other to succeed in the music world

INTERVIEWER: Do you have individuals that have helped you so far in your music career?


INTERVIEWER: Would you love to mention few and thank them?

FRANK GODWIN:Yes, My lovely family, Bethel Evans and Collins Ifeakandu (scottfree)

INTERVIEWER: What is your deepest regret in gospel music?

FRANK GODWIN: Not learning how to play keyboard when i had the time

INTERVIEWER: As an artiste how much do you charge for a show

FRANK GODWIN: No fixed price:

INTERVIEWER: What are we expecting from you next?

FRANK GODWIN: I will be dropping a spirit filled worship that will transform a lot of things about you

INTERVIEWER: What will you like to tell your fans again for reading through?

FRANK GODWIN: For reading through, may Almighty God bless you

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