JAYMILLI Exclusive Interview (Tatafo Tony)

Tatafo Tony: Let’s meet you sir.

JAYMILLI: Yea my name is kennedy Johnson. Mostly known as Jaymilli by fans. I am a song writer, artist and most especially a music producer

Tatafo Tony: How long have you been in the music industry?

JAYMILLI: Been in the music industry for quit a long time. Started music since i was 17. But went professionally 2015

Tatafo Tony: What kind of music do you do?

JAYMILLI: Am basically everywhere. But majorly afro beats. And also trap music.

Tatafo Tony: Which and when did you drop your first single?

JAYMILLI: I dropped my first single 2017 titled Late Night. And ever since then it has been back to back.

Tatafo Tony: If I am to compare your music with any known artist, who would that be?

JAYMILLI: Still me. Lol! My greatest comparison is myself because i believe we are all unique in our own ways.

Tatafo Tony: What would you say about the Nigerian music industry?

JAYMILLI: The Nigerian music industry right now is the new wave worldwide.

Tatafo Tony: Are you impressed?

JAYMILLI: Right now the Nigerian Music Industry has no area its lacking, thats impressive enough compared to 10yrs back.

Tatafo Tony: What have been your greatest obstacle in the music business?

JAYMILLI: Promotion hasn’t been easy as an independent artist and producer. So i would say promoting my craft way back was a set back for me.

Tatafo Tony: Any achievement?

JAYMILLI: I wish to count my achievement as it is but then i would just say my greatest achievement is seeing the feedbacks and turn up i get from my sounds whenever am been played. Positive

Tatafo Tony: Any recent project?

JAYMILLI: Yea. I am working on a body of art currently. I call it Truth E.P. Its me trying to sustain the rap culture. Making it relevant

Tatafo Tony: Tell us more about your recent project.

JAYMILLI: I had this drive to make good hip hop music, so i decided to put some couple of kings making waves right now worldwide to make this come through. I had the likes of RozaePypo LamahDavictimSnazzygrinSwatta P, The TruthHeavens and Hysaint. And they all came through promising.

Tatafo Tony: When should we expect this project on the street?


Tatafo Tony: What’s your dream and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

JAYMILLI: Making other people’s dream come through would be what i would be doing in five years time. Tours and doing great things.

Tatafo Tony: Any last word?

JAYMILLI: Just want to encourange every upcoming out there to keep believing and pushing, it takes a minute for a life time break through. My fans should also expect more sounds from jaymilli

Tatafo Tony: Nice talking with u Jay.

JAYMILLI: Yea always glad having this time with you.

Watch out for Jaymilli #TheTruthEP


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