Kalu Presides As 5,000 Dump APGA For APC In Abia

Thousands of All Progressives Grand Alliance members in Abia State, in one of the state’s largest communities, Isiala Ngwa North L.G.A. yesterday, switched allegiance to the All Progressives Congress.

The APGA stalwarts and members of the party in Isiala Ngwa pledged their alliance and solidarity to the APC led by Senator Orji Kalu who was also present at the decamping ceremony.

Leader of the APGA, Hon. Ezechimerem Ihuoma and his Oku Uguru team, who led the decamping APGA members, said it became necessary to join the APC which they described as the progressive moving train in the state as a result of the result-orientated leadership of Orji Kalu.

Addressing the decampees at the ceremony which had in attendance party faithfuls and stalwarts, the Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Orji Kalu who presided over the event berated the Peoples Democratic Party led administration in the state for its failure to consolidate on the good works he left behind as Governor.

According to the Senator, “I introduced PDP into this state and I will also be the one that will sweep away the PDP, during my tenure as Governor of this state we implemented a completely free education policy, it didn’t end there we also provided the students with free stationery and school uniforms. Unfortunately, the reverse has been the case ever since I left as Governor.

“Government must prioritize the welfare of the people. The local government must be empowered and well funded and allowed to operate autonomously. Because the local government is the foundation that delivers democratic dividends to the people.”

Senator Kalu also added, “We must reclaim Abia state come 2023, and I am not mincing words, we are not leaving any stone unturned, we have already set the agenda and we are working towards it. The APC is a party for all Nigerians regardless of religion or tribe.”

Recounting his achievements as Senator, Kalu said “As a Senator take a tour to Abia-North and see what is happening in there we are just a over a year in office but we are renovating over 50 primary schools, we have also attracted 19 road projects which are ongoing that is what democracy is all about,” Kalu concluded.

On his part, Ezechimerem said he decided to lead thousands of his supporters to the APC to support and restore the glory of Abia State. He disclosed that he was inspired by the development agenda of Senator Kalu in Abia-North.

In his words, “We are strongly against the bad governance in Abia, by joining APC today we have conquered the PDP in this state. We are going to fight by mobilizing our people to make the change. I glad that Senator Orji Kalu the leader of the party in the Southeast is here present.”

Earlier, the LGA party chairman, Hon Endy U. welcomed the new entrants and assured them of a level playing ground in the party. He emphasised the need for the members to mobilise at their various wards.

While presenting the broom to the decamping APGA members, Kalu welcomed them to the new party, urging them not to relent in their quest for good governance.

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