Lady Narrates How She Saved Her Friend From A ‘TOUT’ She Hissed At

Twitter user, Queen Precy has taken to Twitter to narrate how she saved her friend from a ‘tout’ who wanted to unleash his anger at her after she hissed at him.

Narrating the story, Precy said she was doing her early morning jogging alongside her friend, when the guy approached her friend and asked her where she’s coming from. Reacting to the question, her friend hissed and walked away without looking back.

Queen Precy, after witnessing the way her friend snubbed and hissed at the man became disturbed and scared. She ran back to the guy to apologise on behalf of her friend, who even called her effort a waste of time.

The next day, the guy was already waiting for her friend at the gate alongside other touts, probably to beat her up or unleash his anger through another brutal means. It took much pleading from her before they could let her go.

See her post below;

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