Marriage Is Retirement Plan For Women – Slay Queen Blast Women

Slay Queen, marriage is a big retirement plan for women. Ugandan YouTuber, Sharon Godwin has dropped her take about women and why they get marriage.

She went further to say that after women are done having fun and sleeping around, they get married as retirement plan.

“Marriage is women’s big retirement plan after they’re done “having their fun” and sleeping around.” she tweeted.

Recall that one month ago, Sharon called out her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Ralph for allegedly refusing to pay back money she spent during his trip to visit her.

According to her, they agreed to see each other and so they came up with the agreement to split the billing 50-50 so that it won’t too much for him to carry.
Upon arriving Uganda, Sharon said that Ralph went back on their agreement and instead promise to refund half of what she spent on him during his stay in the East African country

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