Martha Chioma Ibezim: Cultural Practices Against Women Should Be Abolished

The President Mothers Union, Women’s Guild and Girls’ Guild, Province of the Niger, and diocese of Awka, Anglican Communion, Mrs Martha Chioma Ibezim has called on government at all levels in Nigeria to establish laws abolishing harmful cultural practices against women in the society.

Mrs Ibezim said some cultural practices such as female genital mutilation are not only harmful but dehumanizing to the women folks in the society.

Mrs Ibezim who is the wife of the Archbishop, Province of the Niger and Bishop of Awka Diocese also called women to rise to speak against the wrong cultural practices, stressing that women are created in the image of God and should not be subjected to most harmful cultural practices prevalent in the society.

Mrs Ibezim who stated this yesterday in Awka in a media statement to mark the international women’s day celebration and mothering Sunday, described Mothering Sunday as a day set aside to honour mothers.

Mrs Ibezim who is also the Principal of Queens Convent, Awka noted that it is always a privilege to be a Mother hence, mothers are specially celebrated by the Church in a special Sunday called refreshment Sunday.

She described a mother as she that is selfless, loving and who sacrifices many of her wants and needs for the wants and needs of her children and others, stating that they are celebrated every 4th Sunday in lent having started as feast to encourage Christians refresh and continue the rest of the Lenten season.

While Mrs Ibezim urged mothers to live life of honour and prestige, she encouraged them to work hard to make sure that their children and family are equipped with knowledge, skills and abilities to make it as a competent being reflection of Heaven on earth.

Mrs Ibezim maintained that God assured his people to be of good cheer and steadfast in midst of trials reminding them that “human beings are bound to face challenges because we are in the world,” biblically restating that there would be tribulations and persecutions of Christians in the world. She urged mothers to embrace Christ and pray fervently to overcome challenges of the world.

She urged mothers to trust and look unto God irrespective of their challenges stressing that mothers are role models that the society and the younger generation looks up to and further advised them to be prayerful to defeat their challenges.

Mrs Ibezim further disclosed the theme of 2021 Mothering Sunday as “The Name Of God Is A Strong Tower,” the righteous run into it and are saved’ (Proverb 18: 10). She opined that even in the midst of the greatest challenges of Mankind, safety of Christians remains in the name of the Lord.

Mrs Ibezim flayed governments for insensitivity towards insecurity in Nigeria saying: “Nigeria has grown beyond measures over the years for the cases of unprecedented insecurity and hardship in our nation. Kidnapping, killings and banditry are daily news in Nigeria. We have graduated into our government officials negotiating and paying ransome on regular basis to bandits who have made kidnapping a lucrative venture.

She noted that the greatest needs among families today is security but assured that such could be obtained in God and further enjoined Christians to accept God’s divine assurance of protection as activated in a life time with Jesus Christ.

While She advised women to be prayerful, She admonished young girls who are future mothers to serve God in truth and practice urging them to shun bad life and take up that which will exalt God’s name.

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