No paradise on earth

United Kingdom, Canada, United States and South Africa take the prime slots of areas the place many Nigerians now name residence. Take a flight to London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester— all cities in the UK— and you’ll bow for effectivity and performance.

Canada, with its freezing climate, receives immigrants often as a result of issues work. As chilly as Saskatchewan is, not just a few Nigerians are on the ready listing for its invitation to come back and be residents. New York, Wisconsin, Chicago, Houston, Austin, Maryland, Baltimore, Charlotte and different American cities bubble with life.

Many say of New York Metropolis: ‘if you can make it there you can make it anywhere’. It’s homage to its ruggedness. It’s the becoming residence for fast-talking, loud, aggravating individuals.

Washington cuts the picture of a befitting capital for an ideal nation of various folks. Skyscrapers, well-laid out street community and all stare you within the face.

Madison is nothing like DC. This capital of Wisconsin is a straightforward metropolis. It has storey buildings which I truthfully can’t name skyscrapers. Its street networks are excellent. Its college is a definition of a conducive atmosphere to study. Its lodges tower into the sky reasonably.

The craziest of all of them is Chicago. There’s nothing easy in any respect about this metropolis. The lodges listed below are nearly uncountable. It jogs my memory a lot of New York, with its skyscrapers, rail system and street networks that may typically get locked down. This metropolis has a popularity for crime and corruption. Chicago, which is President Barrack Obama’s residence, is in a state rated the third most corrupt in U.S.

These cities’ airports – Dulles in Washington, DC Reagan Washington Nationwide Airport, O’Hare in Chicago and Dane County Regional Airport in Madison – are good examples of performance.

South African cities, comparable to Durban, Johannesburg and Cape City, glitter. Potable water is a proper, not a privilege. Electrical energy failure will make the entrance pages of dailies when skilled. Roads are well-tarred. Salaries are paid when due. Human rights are largely revered. South Africa stays a mannequin in Africa, and is a frontrunner. On a continent with folks struggling to make ends meet, South Africa is sure to entice folks keen to flee the focus camps that many an African nation is.

Given South Africa’s class, it mustn’t shock anybody that many Nigerians have chosen it as their second residence. Nigerians there comprise of the great, the unhealthy and the ugly. The nice guys are all the time within the majority. The unhealthy and the ugly are all the time within the minority. However, in a world the place evil sells, the unhealthy boys catch the headlines on a regular basis. It’s arduous responsible a median Nigerian’s lamentation of the poor state of issues again residence after experiencing performance at its greatest overseas.

The Nation on Sunday Deputy Editor Olayinka Oyegbile got here again from Houston some days again. In a put up on social media, he lamented lip service to infrastructural improvement again residence. “Who bears the brunt or pays for the loss? That is Obadeyi Bus cease on the so referred to as Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway. This spot has been unhealthy for the higher a part of 2019 and there have been guarantees that it will be fastened after the wet season. That is nearly the tip of January with the rain coming quickly. The street has remained unfilled ready for the following rain and one other spherical of excuses.

“The poor man bears the brunt. Two autos overturned their contents due to the unhealthy street. One among them needed to make use of the companies of armed safety males to protect its overturned wares from looters. But the federal government continues to provide excuses. That is residence and actuality, goodbye to the goals for now.”

Not just a few have refused to return residence after discovering their means overseas, thus making visa procurement a Herculean process for his or her compatriots. The explanations should not far-fetched. Many agree on the truth that Nigeria ought to have gone farther than it’s. Our state of affairs is so precarious that residents are able to die making an attempt to get to Europe via the Sahara deserts. One in three Nigerians lives in poverty, which represents thirty-two per cent of the inhabitants. Thirty-seven per cent of youngsters endure from malnutrition. Half of the Nigerian inhabitants use unsafe or unimproved sanitation. Nigeria is 43rd on the sustainable improvement objective index.

Poverty is concentrating on fast-growing nations like Nigeria and by 2050, greater than 40 per cent of Nigeria will nonetheless be underneath poverty’s jackboot. Our slot because the nation with the second-highest variety of deaths of youngsters underneath the age of 5 is assured.

And in line with the United Nations Kids’s Fund (UNICEF), no fewer than 250,000 youngsters in Nigeria die on their first day of life, the second highest on this planet. Sadly, a toddler born in Nigeria as we speak, no due to this example, is more likely to dwell to the yr 2074 whereas a toddler born in Denmark is more likely to dwell till the 22nd century!

The poverty within the land has led to the proliferation of what my colleague Hannah Ojo calls ‘pastorpreneurs’. Faux males of God capitalise on folks’s gullibility to smile to the banks. They dupe the folks within the identify of God. Faith has turn out to be an instrument of enslavement by males pretending to talk for God. One ‘man of God’ relishes exhibiting us humorous theatrics, together with getting the satan to go to his church and his technical crew interviewing the satan. Many have sublet their lives to con artists posing as ‘men of God’, thus suspending using their brains.

Huge Brother Nigeria’ can’t vouch for 24 hours of uninterrupted energy provide. Many areas in Nigeria haven’t had electrical energy provide for months, and the Distribution Corporations (DisCos) usually insist they pay payments for service not rendered

As individuals are being tousled on the spiritual terrain, the leaders additionally each day rape the folks. Leaders, who had nothing earlier than coming into workplaces, out of the blue turn out to be in a single day billionaires, owing companies all over the place and stashing cash in numbered accounted abroad. They neglect that energy is transient.

For any society to make progress, the judiciary is essential. Justice should not simply be completed; it have to be seen to have been completed. Right here, judges are stated to shamelessly acquire bribe. Circumstances of bribery and corruption within the bench are rife. It’s nearly a taboo for people to win circumstances in opposition to the state. If this insanity continues, leaders will proceed to journey roughshod over the folks whom they faux to be representing. Our leaders don’t see the folks as the last word. And it isn’t too late for the folks to take again their rightful place. Collectively, we should make sure that our leaders don’t take us with no consideration. We should ask for our dues and guarantee we get them. Whereas not asking us to be violent, after we insist and refuse to be intimidated, the leaders can have no alternative however to let our will prevail. Examples abound in additional superior societies the place the folks have had their means via non-violent means.

In Lagos, Nigeria’s industrial capital, the site visitors and roads are loopy. The town’s streets are congested. Many individuals are brash and bellicose. The nights are scary. Poverty has enjoyable on its streets and most of Nigeria. Lagos is a spot the place thousands and thousands of hopeful folks come seeking dwindling sources.

Most instances folks need to drive upwards of three or 4 hours in exasperating gridlock to get to and from work.

‘Big Brother Nigeria’ can’t vouch for 24 hours of uninterrupted energy provide. Many areas in Nigeria haven’t had electrical energy provide for months, and the Distribution Corporations (DisCos) usually insist they pay payments for service not rendered.

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