Oluwo: Some Selfish Yoruba Leaders Behind Crisis In Southwest

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi, has alleged that some Yoruba leaders are beating the drums of war and sponsoring crisis for selfish and political reasons.

The monarch, in a statement he posted on his Facebook page, on Sunday, said all the hues and cries on security challenge in the Southwest region is about the 2023 presidential election.

Oluwo said the Yoruba leaders sponsoring crisis in the region will not end well.

According to him, “Those who are singing discordant tune are doing so because of personal aggrandisement. We know some Yoruba leaders who are calling for war for political reason. It is all about 2023 presidency. Because they feel someone wants to become President and they don’t want him.

“It is because they know that the next president of this country will be Yoruba and they don’t want that to happen. The person they are accusing has not even come out to say that he wants to be President so why all hatred?”

The monarch warned the Yoruba leaders fanning the embers of discord to desist in the interest of national unity.

“Some bad elders are sponsoring crisis in Yoruba land because of political reason and self aggrandisement. I will not allow war to come to Yoruba land or Nigeria. Stop beating the drum of war or you will not end well.

“You see, people have to be very careful because we will never support anyone that wants to disrupt the peace of the land. Anyone who wants to destroy the Southwest and particular, Lagos State, will not end well,” Oluwo said.

Warns against ethnic profiling

Oba Akanbi also warned against ethnic profiling, saying criminals are in all ethnic groups.

“This thing is not about Fulani or Yoruba. It is political. Some people are sponsoring crimes to destroy Nigeria. Crime doesn’t have a tribe. Prosecute criminals and tried them in court, not a tribe,” he said.

Oluwo emphasised the need for government to provide intervention programme aimed at educating herders on modern day ranching to avert clashes with farmers.

He also advised Fulani herders to assist government and security agencies to fish out criminals in their fold..

“We want the Fulani also to fish out the criminals among them. You Fulani people should also come and live in the town, don’t live in the bush again. Let us know all of you.

“The Fulani community should talk more to the government to teach you modern way of ranching. Open gracing is no longer fashionable in 21st century. We know you are used to it but you have to change to the modern ways.

“There must be an intervention programme from the government to educate Fulani on modern way of ranching. Some of you should engage in pastoral business for herders to buy feeds from you. This is how you will not be having problems with famers,” Oluwo said.

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