PDP asks senate caucus to end FG’s borrowings, review electoral system

Leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday visited the Senate, urging its caucus on how to end what it described as Federal Government’s excessive borrowing, saying the continuous accumulation of debt is becoming embarrassing to the country.

Briefing journalists after about three hours meeting, National Chairman of the party, Uche Secondus said the debt burden is already weighing heavily on the country to the extent that Nigeria would soon find it difficult to breathe politically and economically.

His words: “We are worried about the continuous borrowing by the executive arm of government, if it continues like this, Nigerians would be feeling the pains.

“So, this must stop, there must be an end to the borrowings. Those are the issues we have asked our senators to raise in the Senate.”

On whether they expect the senators to stage a walkout if their position was not respected based on their numerical strength, he said they know what to do at the appropriate time.

According to Secondus, another burning issue is the electoral reform, which he said they also raised with the senate caucus, especially following outcomes of recent elections in some states that were fraught with violence, intimidation, use of arms and ammunition to win at all costs.

“The issue of electoral reforms which is also on our minds and on the minds of Nigerians can not be postponed any further. The PDP caucus to press it harder for the reforms to be achieved soonest so there can be freer and fairer elections in the country,” he added.

He said the meeting was useful, especially as they discussed happenings in the National Assembly, adding that processes were ongoing on the Edo and Ondo states governorship elections.

“The processes have started with the three man’s delegate election. June 19 is the congress and Senate Minority Leader, Eyinanya Abaribe, earlier indicated that matters affecting senators were discussed and satisfactorily resolved.

“Disagreements between political parties are normal and we can be certain that the disagreements can be resolved when we understand each other and have meetings of this nature. The senators are happy and we are on the same page as the party. PDP us strong and united,” he said.

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