Police Arrest Lady For Blackmailing Peace Mass Transit

The police in Abuja have arrested Frances Tabitha Olisa Ogbonnaya, a woman accused of trying to use blackmail to extort money from Peace Mass Transit Ltd.

Ms. Ogbonnaya, resident in Lagos, had allegedly posted several write-ups against the company on her Facebook wall sometime last year, including claiming that 18 passengers of PMT had died in an accident on the Ore-Benin road, which the company later said was untrue, particularly as no PMT bus carries such number of passengers at once.

Miss. Ogbonnaya was arrested following a petition dated Feb.3, 2020,and addressed to the IGP, on behalf of PMT, by Barr.Okani E.I. In the petition, Barrister Okani stated that Ogbonnaya had engaged in cyber bullying, stalking, criminal blackmail and harassment of the transport company.

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