Prick No De Give Us Joy Nowadays – Lesbian Laments On Facebook

Prick No De Give Us Joy Nowadays – Lesbian Laments On Facebook

A lady has opened the curtain, throwing some insights on why some girls engage in lesbianism – which is punishable in this part of the world by up to 14 years in jail.

In a post on the popular Facebook group Ibom Rant, one lady, identified as Grace Austine, asked what messages people had for lesbians.

Not at all surprising, her post generated tons of reactions with many condemning lesbianism. Some even went miles by saying that lesbians will rot in a special place in hell.

But one particular lady, identified as Vandy Brown, shedded some light on why ladies are doing lesbianism.

She said the main reason is the fact that most men don’t last in bed long enough as women would want. She lamented that the unfortunate anomaly makes women to seek for pleasure somewhere else, and end up being lesbians.

According to her, the type of men in the olden days were in control of their expulsion, and would even sync their climax with their partners.

However, nowadays, what is usually seen is, “Kpai, kpai, kpai, kpai, kpai” and “he will come down”, thereby forcing women to play with themselves alone or seek fellow women for the act.


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