Reasons You Must Use Condom(s) With Nigerian Girls

Reasons You Must Use Condom(s) With Nigerian Girls. Nigerian girls are so annoying to be with. Guys don’t trust the health condition of any girl. Most girls are damn beautiful but STD carriers.

Below are some of the hypotheses for a guy to always use Condoms

(1) If she is the type that always wear leg chain and nose ring, my brother, please use condom.

(2) If she is the type that smokes, Oga, double your condom.

(3) If she can finish more than one bottle of small stout or beer at a sitting, brother mi, please fix your condom.

(4) If she comes to your house wearing tight short, bros, use that condom.

(5) If she always say that all men are the same, don’t forget to use your condom.

(6) If you undress her, and find no pant, Samson, pick up your condom.

(7) If she knows your woman/girlfriend and still accept to sleep with you, bro Bello, double that condom.

(8) If she comes to your house and switch off her phone, my brother, wear that condom.

(9) If she cut and dye her hair, Emeka, put on your condom.

(10) If you open her phone and found sex videos, Mr Gideon, don’t do it without condom.

(11) If you observe her using drugs before sex, one condom may not be enough, double it.

(12) If she comes to your house but demand she must to enter through the backdoor, don’t even enter her without your condom.

(13) If she refuse to pick her calls while with you, John, cover your rod with condom.

(14) If she undresses you by herself, David, fix your condom very well.

(15) If she draw any kind of tattoo on her body, Junior, wear your condom.

(16) If she has her own condom, Bro Jacob, carry your condom.

(17) If she saw this post, and fail to like or comment, Uncle, triple your condom.

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