Ruzzel Entertainment Project – Fight Against Covid-19

Ruzzel Entertainment Project

Download Fight Against Covid-19 by Ruzzel Entertainment Project (Featuring GMix, G-Rhymes, Edith Chujor, Efisan, Eflow, Whitey, Mr Smilez, Mr G1, Alvin Spiff, Solo Jay, Ken & Topsy)

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Lyrics: G-mix Ah ah People use to say prevention is better than cure, I know the virus is real so let me tell you for sure, please don’t add to the death figures I hear on the radio stay safe, stay strong I just wanna remind you o, Wash your hands everyday as much as you can, together we can beat this if we all stick to plan ah. G-rhymz Let’s do whats right to stay alive together with one heart we will overcome Corona keep observing proper hygiene and maintain social distancing, show some love to one another… don’t panic if body dey disturb you Stay calm remain for your house o, pick up your phone and call for help o. Edith~ kpan’ ton heh…..heh, Na weh reka jira Rebo (2*) Subtitle~{ pay attention to the trending news that is all over the world (2*) Aweh noh Ban seh Osan’ Eh Corona Subtitle~{ this News is about the pandemic called Corona.} Dan O’tou Rhey Jon whe’n eh Subtitle~{ take necessary precautions } Aweh noh Ban seh Osan’ Eh Corona. Subtitle~{ this News is about the pandemic called Corona.} Corona no dey looku face E no know big and small for life o, make you wash your hand with soap and water and hand sanitizer o Ah Ohn re gon doru mae deeh deeh no Don’t be a victim of the dangers of Corona } Jon whe’n o’tou kor kpaa nbiyeh beh ton whe’n osebo follow set rules, to stay alive} Korlaru kra boh nneh re ka Onweh’n kuku beh monweh’n kormor san’nnor ma’ ooh ro gbo gboiii Avoid Any one found coughing, to ensure you are safe from this pandemic.} To stay alive my brother…wash your hands and put on your face mask ehheh stay far away.. stay cool and clean Corona virus no be daddy oyoyoo just masks your face no gum body cus social distance na the Koko no be joke o. wash your hands and always be careful No shaking hands again with your neighbor Covid-19 no be joke oh, E dey kill, E no dey look uche face oo Oya make we join the world….o, with one voice against this virus. ( Repeat Edith’s part)

© 2020 Ruzzel Entertainment Project

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