See The Pastor Who Drinks 5 Bottles Of Beer Before He Can Perform Miracle

The world is coming to an end finally as many of our pastors now turns the word of God to something else, how can a pastor prouldly say he drinks 5 bottles of beer before have the spirit to climb the altar to perform miracles.

The senior pastor of faith evangelical ministry in Tanzania spoke on an interview with their local radio about his church and how he performs miracles, the pastor said he takes 5 bottles of beer before the spirit of healing people comes on him.

The pastor who said the is no crime taking drinks especially beer because after all God turned water to wine, the pastor who said imediately he takes the beer the is this spirit that comes from the lord on him and he will start performing miracles, healing the sick, the blind and blessing people.

The pastor assures his members and the entire people of Tanzania that he is not fake but he possess the super powers of God in him, he told his people to continue worshipping God for God works in misterious ways.

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