Seyi ‘Shai’ Edun and Nosa ‘Rex’ Okunzuwa endorsement deals

Seyi ‘Shai’ Edun and Nosa ‘Rex’ Okunzuwa have bagged endorsement deals for themselves in one day.

The thespians have been unveiled as ambassadors for the aphrodisiac brand ‘Mydsiac’ also known as ‘My Aphrodisiac’.

The announcement was made by the founder of Mydsiac, Tobi Kukoyi, in a statement to the media.

Speaking on the endorsement deal, Rex says, “I’m elated to have been chosen to be the brand ambassador. Indeed many have issues with copulation which has wreaked havoc in marriages. Through Mydsiac I can spread the word and help couples know that all hope is not lost. What they thought could not be remedied indeed has a solution.”

Kukoyi further revealed that the choice of the thespians was predicated upon their flourishing career and marital status. “Both actors were chosen because they are happily married, have a reputable flourishing career, are youthful and ever vibrant,” Kukoyi says.

The founder further said she observed the high alarming rate in which marriages and relationships hit the rocks including those in the entertainment terrain due to different reasons which aren’t limited to sexual dysfunction and had taken it upon herself to provide a solution to the negative recurring decimal.

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