Seyitan reported rape case to me in 2018 – D’Banj ex-manager

 A former manager of music star, Oladapo Oyebanji, aka D’Banj, says Seyitan Babatayo, informed him of the alleged rape since December 2018 but she had agreed not to pursue the case.

The former manager, Frank Amudo, said this in an interview with GoldmyneTV.

Amudo said in December 2018 he helped Seyitan – who he met through a Whatsapp group – to attend a show where D’Banj performed in Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island.

He said he booked a room at Glee Hotel, Victoria Island, in the name of D’Banj’s entertainment company where he was supposed to have lodged after the show.

The former manager, however, said he gave the room to Seyitan while he returned home.

Amudo stated, “Around 2am she said it was late, she couldn’t go back to Egbeda. So, I told her I would drop my key for her but I was going home, which I did.

“On my way home, after I had passed Dolphin Estate inward Third Mainland Bridge, D’Banj called me, asking where I was and I said I had left, I was on Third Mainland Bridge. He said he would see me at the airport in the morning.

“My wife dropped me at the airport around 5am. Cheeky Chizzy and other members came, D’Banj arrived around 6.30am… We boarded a flight to Ghana. On getting to Ghana, on our way to the apartment, I received many calls from Seyitan but I didn’t pick.

“When I got to the apartment, I connected to the Wifi and called her. She asked, ‘were you aware D’Banj was coming to my room?’ I said no. First of all, D’Banj didn’t even know my room and wasn’t lodged at Glee Hotel. That was when she said D’Banj came to her room and had forceful carnal knowledge of her. She sent the messages through voice notes and I still have them.”

Amudo said he quickly informed a fellow artiste, Cheeky Chizzy, if he was aware of the alleged rape.

The former manager said D’Banj’s wife, Lineo, was part of their entourage in Ghana and he thus could not confront the musician with the allegation immediately.

Amudo added, “I called another person, Aja Mohammed, in Lagos and told him about it. He was like ‘Franklyn, don’t bother yourself, it has been resolved’; that he had given the girl involved $100. Then I called Seyitan to confirm about the $100 and why she is still talking about rape, she got angry.”

The ex-manager said he resigned a month after the alleged incident occurred.

He, however, said he could not say for sure if the incident was rape or consensual.

While the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has called for an investigation into the matter, D’Banj has sued his accuser for N1.5bn.

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