“Stop Comparing Yourself To Others” – Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has penned a lengthy inspirational post for her fans advising that they steer clear comparing themselves to others.

According to Tonto doing this will only create self-doubt in them which is of no use to them.

In her words:-

“The greatest way to doubt ourselves is by comparison to others, if we’re constantly looking at what others are doing we’ll surely stray from our own paths and find ourselves living someone else’s life. ⠀

“Our dreams were given to us so that we could bring them into reality rather than let them die in favour of doing what everyone else is doing because it’s easier to be accepted than it is to be original.

“The comparison we entertain have been embedded in us from a young age but this isn’t an excuse that allows us to continue engaging in this dysfunctional behaviour – it’s a pattern that can be broken and it starts with forming a new habit. This new habit might consist of acknowledging when we’re comparing ourselves and saying “I’m doing it again” and reminding ourselves of the journey we’ve chosen to embark on. ⠀

“It will take time but we can also surround ourselves with the people who will support us on our path to make these new habits easier to form. Who do you have around you that drains you and why are you still entertaining your relationship with them?”

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