The tragedies of a revered music producer Scott storch

At the height of Scott Storch’s career, he commanded an impressive fee of $100,00 per beat, had private jets at his disposal,owned a $20 million yacht, a $10.5 million house, amongst other luxury items. But he threw it all away, filed for bankruptcy, and went into rehab, hitting rock bottom. This is Scott Storch’s “Grass to Grace and Grass story”.

   Scott Spencer Storch was born on December 16,1973 on Long Island, New York. Storch attended elementary school in Sunrise and middle School in Davie, Florida. In the middle of freshman year, he left Florida to join his father who had earlier divorced his mother. He ultimately dropped out of high school in Ninth Grade, and was expelled from home at the age of 16.

   Scott Storch learnt how to play The Keyboard at a very early age. He began his professional music career in 1991, when he became one of the first, and founding members of the Hip-Hop group The Roots, as a keyboard player. He was involved in the production of two albums for The Roots, which earned him a Grammy, and widespread recognition. He moved to Los Angeles, to work with Dr. Dre, where he helped in the production of “Still D.R.E”. He also produced hits for Christina Aguilera. 

   He hit his peak beginning from the year 2003, when he produced hits like Beyonce’s “Naughty girl”, “Baby boy”, Terror Squad’s “Lean back”, 50 cent’s ” Candy shop”. Chris Brown’s “Run it”. He also worked with T.I, Pink,Lil Kim and a host of A-list musicians during this period. Scott was awarded ASCAP’s Songwriter of the year award in 2006.

   And then his pack of cards started calling, at the height of his career, Scott Storch was reported to be worth about $70 million, but, he had a Cocaine habit on which he allegedly squandered about $30 million in less than six months, he went on a vacation where he withdrew from producing and focused on partying. During this period, he purchased a private jet, a 117 foot yacht,and nearly about 20 luxury cars. In between all these, Scott Storch dated Lil Kim, Erica Mena,Paris Hilton and had regular encounters with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.

   Scott Storch hit legal troubles in 2008, after falling behind on both his child-support payment and his property taxes. In early 2009, Scott Storch checked into a rehab program in Florida, and filed for bankruptcy that May. On June 24,2015, Storch officially filed for bankruptcy.

   Scott Storch has attempted a couple of comebacks over the years. But they have all failed, it’s been super difficult for the super producer to replicate the genius he once exhibited.


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