Update: Family Of Young Lady Who Died From Stab Wounds Hires Femi Falana

This week, sources shared the sad story of a young lady, Moraedun Balogun, who was stabbed in the neck by armed robbers on Monday, November 2, and was rushed to a hospital in Gbagada, Lagos state for treatment but was allegedly turned back because a police report was not presented.

Following the reaction from R Jolad Hospital regarding their role in the tragic event of Moradeun Balogun’s death on the 2nd of December 2019 (Read HERE), her friends and family have now issued an official statement to explain their version of events.

The family also confirmed that human rights activist, Femi Falana is the official lawyer on the case and he recently spoke in an interview with TVC where he detailed the charges that are going to be brought up against R Jolad Hospital.

See the full statement below:-

Moradeun was on her way home from work when she got mugged by robbers as she was heading to the bus stop. The robbers made away with her laptop and in the process, she got stabbed in her neck.

An eye witness (name withheld) was on his way home from work when the bus he was in broke down at Gbagada. While the passengers were waiting for another bus to arrive, they started to hear Moradeun’s call for help as she approached with blood dripping all over her clothes.

They learned from her that she had been robbed of her laptop and that she had been stabbed in the process while she pleaded with them to take her to the nearest hospital. Someone else arrived at the scene with his car and it was agreed that one other person would follow them, to which our witness obliged.

Jolad Hospital happened to be the nearest hospital to the scene and she was rushed there. On arrival, the eye witness ran inside to call the attention of the hospital staff. The staff did not respond immediately and it was only after the eye witness resorted to shouting at them that they eventually came outside to see Moradeun.

Please note that she was never actually taken into the hospital building. Thus, the hospital’s alleged “thorough examination of her wounds” apparently took place outside. The eye witness only confirms that Moradeun was asked about her experience and she told them what had happened as she was still conscious at the time.

There were two medical staff present there and after their observations they referred Moradeun and the witness to Gbagada General Hospital without even temporary medical assistance.

The witness pleaded that they used the hospital ambulance and the hospital staff responded by saying their ambulance was not available.

The witness had to call a yellow cab and wait for the cab to arrive before Moradeun could be taken to Gbagada General Hospital.

For emphasis, Moradeun was taken to Gbagada General Hospital in a yellow cab and not the Jolad Hospital ambulance, contrary to Jolad Hospital’s earlier claims.

Shortly after they got to the General Hospital, Moradeun sadly gave up the ghost.

This has been made public in response to the alternative facts presented by Jolad hospital in the media. This press release and our on-going social media campaign is by no means a smear attack on Jolad Hospital.

Rather, it is born out of the simple fact that Jolad Hospital and, lest we forget, Nigerian security agencies failed our daughter, sister, colleague and friend in the most saddening and unsettling way possible, and we seek to right this wrong by holding all responsible parties accountable.

Our lawyers have been contacted and we will be pursuing #justiceformoradeun in the noblest way possible so that this tragedy does befall any other Nigerian going forward.

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