Wife bathes husband with hot water over quarrel in Bayelsa

A middle-aged housewife is currently on the run in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital, after bathing her husband with hot water over domestic quarrel between them. Her husband, Mr. Oyinkro Miebode, was sleeping in his sitting room in Kpansia area of the state capital in the morning of June 3, when his wife poured hot water on him, inflicting him with severe skin burns.

Oyinkro, who spoke to our correspondent, said trouble started on the evening of June 2, when he slapped her for raining insults on him because he came too early to meet her somewhere in town to pick up her mobile phone, which he normally kept for her at night due to the incessant robbery by cultists in the area.

Explaining further, he said his wife called him from her office to pick up the phone by 8:00p.m. because she would come home late that evening. Oyinkro said he closed from work at about 6:00p.m. and his boss dropped him off at the exact location she had asked him to meet her and decided to wait till 8:00p.m.

He said while hanging around, he suddenly saw his wife walking pass him at about 7:00p.m. so he ran to her to notify her of his presence but instead she got angry that he came too early than they agreed.

He said: “In shock, I then asked why is she angry that I came early. I also asked her why she didn’t tell me she would be coming early as well. That was when she started accusing me of monitoring her. She insulted me till we got home. I thought that we could settle the matter at home but it was hell.

“So, out of anger, I gave her two warning slap and instructed her to go to the bedroom and sleep. At that point, a friend called me to come to his place for a private birthday party, and unfortunately I returned home at about 1:00a.m. I was sleeping on the sofa in my living room when suddenly she bathed me with hot water.”

Collaborating the sad incident, a sibling of the man, who resides with them, said the couple had a quarrel in the morning over domestic issues because the woman has been acting up lately. “On that day, she kept nagging and insulting him over the matter to a point he couldn’t bare it and slapped her telling her to keep quiet, which she did, thinking the quarrel was over.

“After everything, he left and went to sleep. Later, she went to his sister asking her if there was kerosene in the stove. The sister told her that there was no kerosene. So she went out and bought kerosene to fill the stove. Meanwhile, I thought she was boiling the water for bathing or to make garri. I even notified her when the water started boiling.

“She then poured the boiling water into a small basin and went to the living room where he was sleeping then poured it on him. He woke up from that shock shouting in pain and scratching his body not knowing he was peeling his own skin.”

Several attempts to reach the angry woman, Mrs. Maureen Miebode, proved abortive as she is said to be in hiding. The family of the victim however revealed that she has been calling her husband with strange phone numbers begging him to forgive her.

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